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As this section develops, it will contain packaged reports categorized into regions. It will complement the Nation Profiles section as a "highlight" segment containing reports and press releases relevant to development of religious freedom around the world.

Forum 18: Freedom of Religion

A report entitled "Freedom of religion: A report with special emphasis on the right to choose religion and registration systems" with specific examinations of eight countries. (2001)
Read in PDF format here. Used with the permission of Forum 18/ Norway

Religious Persecution Abroad

Congressional report (97-968 F), "Religious Persecution Abroad: Congressional Concerns and Actions" authored by Vita Bite on June 25, 1998.

Religious Freedom Updates from the CIS (1998)

Human Rights Violations in Pakistan

This is a compliation reports filed by Asawal Sardar, a free lance reporter who specializes in human rights issues, on religious persecution and human rights violations in Pakistan. Read it here.

Religious Freedom in Western Europe

The Center for Studies on New Religions' (CENSUR) report on religious liberty in Western Europe. Read it here. (December 1997).

Religious Freedom in China

International Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars's report of religious freedom in China was submitted to President Clinton prior to his visit to the country. Read it here.

54th Session of U.N. Commision on Human Rights

Report on the 54th Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (April 1998).

Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic Minority Discrimination in Germany

Interviewed groups include Church of Scientology, Unification Church, and Charismatic Christians. Read it here. (1996)

U.S. Human Rights Report

First U.S. human rights report to the Human Rights Committee (1994)

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